Nutrition Tips for Health

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We often forget that clean water and healthy food are not only the foundation of health, but have more power than medicines to keep us healthy. But the quality of what we put into our bodies is also of prime importance. If you build a healthy foundation with simple things like nutrition and exercise, your body will thrive.


  1. The most important, yet cheapest thing, you can do for your body every day is drink good quality pure water, ideally with a ph of at least 7.0.
  2. Drink a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces per day; more if you exercise or if you live in a hot climate.
  3. Eat organic foods as much as possible – they have more nutrients, more antioxidants and more disease-fighting phytochemicals and are free of dangerous pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  4. Eat 4-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily; choose produce in different colors to get the biggest variety of vitamins and minerals possible.
  5. Try to eat more raw vegetables than cooked – they have more much needed enzymes.

5 Easy Health Tips

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Sometimes the little steps we take (consistently) make the biggest impact, so why not try one or more of these five easy health tips to create a better and healthier you? It only takes twenty-one days to establish a new habit, and today could be “Day One.” Remember this, the Titanic would not have sunk had the guy in the Crow’s Nest not lost his binoculars, and little efforts can yield big results, which could mean the difference between sinking and staying afloat!

1) Eat Plain Oatmeal

You know that oatmeal that comes in the round cardboard container? That oatmeal is the one I’m talking about. You just mix some water into the oatmeal till it’s fairly good and soaked, heat in microwave for about 45-55 seconds (that’s SECONDS) and then drizzle some honey over it. You don’t even need milk because the honey gives it enough liquid. Of course you can always add some berries and milk if you don’t particularly care for bland.


  • Fiber in oats will keep bowel movements more

Natural Health Tips and Advice For Greater Well Being

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Taking good care of your physical and mental health can be a great challenge for anyone. There are certain things you must consider if you want to maintain good health long term and live with more energy and vitality. Proper diet and exercise are the first things to consider however one must not forget the importance of learning to manage mental stress. Here are some simple tips anyone can follow to attain better levels of health and fitness:

Tip 1: Eat more whole foods

It can be very difficult for most people to completely avoid processed and junk foods however do your best to minimize your consumption of these. Also most restaurants and fast food places have a healthy choices menu option so go for that once in a while as it is usually better in nutritional value than the other items on the menu. Bring a packed lunch to work whenever you can and use whole food ingredients that you cooked yourself that are free from preservatives and other chemicals that most processed foods come

Heroin Drug Abuse

What is Drug Abuse

The habit of taking illegal drug that has harmful effects on human health is known as drug abuse. Some of the popular drug abuse are heroin and marijuana. Heroin in particular has harmful effects on the human nervous system as it directly affects the brain and nerves. It affects the addicts behavior as well. They could not resist the urge to use those drugs. But these drug abuse can be withdrawn or detoxed if the addict is taken to the rehab centre at the right time.

The compulsive drug seeking habit can be completely stopped by proper rehabilitation. Heroine is popularly known by other names such as horse, smack, junk or brown sugar. Heroin can be snort, smoked or injected into the vein. Right after consuming it gives happiness, pleasure and relaxation. Sometimes heroin is laced and consumed with other drugs. It is considered illegal in all countries. However the drug traffickers have doubled the production and availability across countries for its huge demand value.

Harmful effects of Heroin

Heroin has dangerous effects on human body. It produces a chemical that goes to the opioid receptors of the brain

Diet Supplements The Real Lowdown

Do we really need diet supplements? Do we really need to take supplements – can’t we get it all from food?

Our soil is massively over-farmed and nutrient depleted, even if we do eat our 5 portions of fruit and veg each day the chances are they have been shipped across the planet or kept in storage for so long the vitamins have all gone. On top of this, our crazy stressed lifestyles demand even greater nutrional support than ever before – so I am convinced that in order to be optimally healthy we do need to take supplements.

If you had to choose just one supplement to take what would it be and why?
Vitamin C! It is the number one anti-oxidant – protecting our cells from damage due to pollution, toxins and radiation or EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies – from TV, radios, mobile phones, hairdryers! Etc) – helps slow the aging process. Supports the immune system. A fantastic natural anti-histamine – so great for reducing allergies, hayfever, skin rashes….

What’s the one thing that women seem to be short of and why?
I would say B vitamins. They are essential for the metabolism of

Health Tips for Old Age Help in Fighting Decay

As you grow older, the metabolism and the power to resist diseases in your body get more disturbed. As old age comes, you get less active and the way of life becomes sedentary. However, through proper food and with slight exercise can make your living better and keep you fit enough. Here are some health tips for old age.

o Since in old age, you can not digest or tolerate every food but your energy requirement does not decrease, you need to decrease the quantity of food but in way that adequate amounts of all nutrients remain intact. Hence carbohydrates, fats, protein and vitamins need to be accordingly increased or decreased to provide the required energy and food.

o Fat intake in your body should be reduced or increased as per your body weight is concerned. Protein and iron are to remain intact as they were before. Extra calcium is very much important for the old age since it helps you getting strength in your bones.

o Raised blood pressure is a very common problem in old age due to diminished renal function. To combat this, you need to take less, in fact go for

The Nutrional Benefits of Aloe Vera

The most important component of over 200 constituents in Aloe Vera is the polysaccharides. Aloe Vera polysaccharides break down or get absorbed. They are self-engulfing, which lets them get to the blood stream where they do what they do best for benefiting your health.

They are important to the chemical composition of Aloe and its benefits. Larger polysaccharides seem to stimulate the immune system. Smaller polysaccharides have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Aloe Vera healing comes from growth factors. It also comes from amino acids glycoproteins, gibberellin, minerals, like zinc and polysaccharides. They synergize together to give us Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera improves the penetration of water. The mucilage blocs water from leaking out of the leaf. The amount of polysaccharides indicates the quality of the Aloe Vera. The higher the level of polysaccharides, the greater the quality of the Aloe will likely be.

Not a great deal is known for the best true uses for aloe vera in all honesty. Many companies will have you believe otherwise to sell their products, but, we did note that some preliminary studies are suggesting that the nutrient could actually be a powerful antiviral agent, and a very potent immune

My Top 5 Vital Life-Saving Health Tips

What would you like to see improved in your health?

Go on, stay with me; take some time to consider this. What are the changes needed to make it happen? Maybe you’ll want to write something down..?

To make those changes a simple, purposeful, systematic and dedicated approach is needed and must include 5 things. It could be said that they are the 5 best tips anyone could ever give when it comes to staying healthy. Not in any particular order, here are those top 5 vital life-saving health tips for optimum health vitality and disease prevention.

  1. Maintain a daily diet of 7 a day fruits and vegetables

I know I’m chanting the nutritional mantra here but anyone following this long term is sure to reap the benefits. It’s better to chose raw food because this food, when cooked, frozen or processed may lose nutritional value by losing its original molecular form (denatured) and not be able to take part in metabolism.

  1. Drink plenty of water

If put on the spot I would say that this is the biggest health tip you could ever give!

That’s because between the choices

35 Health Tips For First Time Dads

Four years ago the National Fatherhood Initiative surveyed more than 700 U.S. dads about their perspectives on fathering.

A scant 54 percent of the dads said they had felt adequately prepared for the role.

This one’s for you first time dads feeling less confident: 35 health tips for the first year of fatherhood. Brother, can you spare some butt paste?

Debrief the delivery. “We think we’re doing a good job in the labor-and-delivery room of explaining things, but we deliver hundreds of babies,” says Kaiser Permanente Colorado OB/Gyn Kim Warner, MD. “Our explanations may not sink in the first time.” Follow up on any and all lingering questions about the birth process.

Carry car seats close to your body. When lugging junior around in his baby seat, hold the seat as close to your torso as possible. This will engage your back muscles in addition to your arms, and you won’t tire as quickly.

Limit your child’s exposure to the sun. REALLY limit exposure until the infant is at least 6 months old. After 6 months, limit direct exposure to 20 minutes-and not without a hat, pants, long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen (SPF 15

Health Tips on Reducing Stress From Our Daily Life

“It’s driving me crazy.”
“I’m going through a lot of pressure.”
“It’s getting onto my nerves.”
“I’ll have a nervous breakdown.”

If you ever had similar kind of feeling then you are under stress. Stress has become an integral part of our daily life. While we have learned to accept it, we’ve not learned to eliminate it. Here are a few health tips to help reduce stress from our daily life:

  • Don’t pile up your emotions, vent it out: Express your feelings, instead of keeping them inside you.
  • Think Positive: Your brain reacts according to how you think. Think good about yourself, and you will feel good about yourself.
  • Eat Healthy: You can handle stress better if you are healthy. Start your day with a hearty breakfast to stay energized throughout the day. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Avoid Junk Food & Aerated Drinks: Junk food is just like the junk folder of your mailbox. If you visit corrupted websites, your junk folder impairs your mailbox with viruses and spywares. Bad food does the same to your stomach. Aerated drinks are no good either, they create gas in your system, makes you feel bloated, corrodes the intestinal lining

Health Tips When Taking Acai Berry

The trend on Acai berry supplements and other products continues to skyrocket as more and more dieticians are coming up with many different ideas for losing weight and staying healthy. Supplements now come in many forms – from pills to capsules, tablets, drinks, juice, puree, pulp, bars, and more. The trend is something good as the fruit is known for its many health benefits. First, it is promoted for its antioxidants, which can aid in losing some pounds off the scale, prevent certain diseases, and fight the signs of aging.

Many health experts who know the whats and hows are even coming up with health tips on losing weight with Acai. Plenty of recipes have been made to help people have a healthy diet and at the same time, burning fat with the help of the fruit. For example, the berry can be paired with salmon for a delicious and healthy meal. The fruit will give a fruity and wine-like flavor to the fish without the need to consume real wine and chocolate. If you do not fancy salmon, other nutritious fish will do. It goes well with meat also.

Another tip is to add the

7 Health Tips for Keeping Asthma Under Control

Living with asthma may not be the easiest thing for anyone to live with, regardless of their age. However, by educating yourself on the illness, you can get a better understanding of how it affects your body and how to control it. The following are 7 health tips to help you keep your asthma under control:

  1. Learn to Recognize the Symptoms
    For many people, asthma attacks seem to sneak up on them and before they know it, they are in a situation that seems out of control. By carefully monitoring your symptoms, you will have a better idea of when an attack is going to happen.
  2. Educate Yourself on Your Medications
    A lot of people who are treated for asthma simply follow their doctor’s instructions for taking their medications. The fact is that you might be on several medications and each one is going to get a different result. For example, you may have one medicine that is used for prevention, while another, like a steroid, is to be used for a more serious episode.
  3. Keep a Journal on Your Symptoms
    Every person diagnosed with asthma should keep a journal on the symptoms, as it